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Whether you are looking for someone to take care of your digital marketing or because you are questioning your existing digital strategy, In FIne Print & Digital Solutions will do it all. Check out the many services we have up for offer below.


What is SEO Marketing?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is what helps boost the algorithm of your business’ website to a higher organic ranking on Google when people search a phrase. While you might not completely understand it, it is crucial for business survival in this era because it drives traffic to your business as opposed to your competitors. If your SEO is not up to scratch, it could be very difficult for people to find you on any search engine – in fact, they’re likely to stop trying altogether.

Our team of experts can work in the background, without interrupting the everyday course of your business, and take care of your SEO. Before you know it, you will have an optimised site and SEO-friendly capabilities. You will be getting more leads and, in turn, more revenue.


Google Adwords

There are your traditional advertisements such as newspaper and magazine ads, and then there is your digital advertisements – one of the most powerful being Google Ads.

Google is everyone’s go-to search engine, you can rely on two things to get your website ranking high on the first page: SEO and Google Ads. While SEO is focused on the organic side of things, Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertisement.

Google Ads works by paying for specific phrases that people might search when looking for a product in your industry. As people search and click on your ad, it will use up the budget on the phrases you have paid for. Because you want to ensure you are paying for the right phrases, we have an expert team who can not only advise on popular terms but can also monitor your budget and its performance. This is a digital marketing phenomenon that many businesses rely on and the results will benefit you too.

Social Media Marketing

With so many social media platforms, it can be hard to keep up. Let us take the stress off your shoulders by managing your social media posts and advertising. We will create your social media accounts and business pages, produce quality content and schedule posts at times that will get you the most views.

Not only will your business be more active on the social scene and maintain a good relationship with your existing audience, but having a management plan means that your outreach will go further and onboard more followers; therefore, more potential customers and clients. The exposure is limitless.



Geofencing is a virtual perimeter that uses GPS tracking and other technology to target advertisements to a very specific audience. By using geofencing as part of your marketing strategy, you’re exposing your business to the people who are geographically most likely to walk into your store or use your service. When people click on the advertisements, they will be led to your website, increasing traffic and overall performance.

This technology might not be easy for every business owner to operate and supervise, and that’s why we have digital marketing experts to do so for you. As your business location shifts or franchises, our experts can continue to target different locations and continuously monitor the results.

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