We want to make sure you receive the best quality in your printing as possible, but this does require some handy help with our trusty artwork template guidelines.

We kindly recommend to read through our requirements carefully before placing a order. If you have any questions or cannot find what you are looking for, please send us a message and our friendly team will get back to you.

Product Sizes
A6 105 x 148
(finished size)
111 x 154
(inc 3mm external bleed)
DL 99 x 210
(finished size)
105 x 216
(inc 3mm external bleed)
109 x 220
(inc 5mm external bleed)
A5 148 x 210
(finished size)
154 x 216
(inc 3mm external bleed)
158 x 220
(inc 5mm external bleed)
A4 210 x 297
(finished size)
216 x 303
(inc 3mm external bleed)
220 x 307
(inc 5mm external bleed)
A3 297 x 420
(finished size)
303 x 426
(inc 3mm external bleed)
A2 420 x 594
(finished size)
426 x 600
(inc 3mm external bleed)
A1 594 x 840
(finished size)
600 x 846
(inc 3mm external bleed)
A0 840 x 1189
(finished size)
846 x 1195
(inc 3mm external bleed)
File Formats

What type of files do you accept?

To maintain high print quality all artwork must be submitted as a press ready PDF file. The document should be set to the size it will be printed at, as per our standard sizes.

For a full list of the file types we can accept, please see below:

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf)
  • Illustrator files (.ai)
  • Photoshop files (.psd)
  • InDesign files with all links and fonts embedded (.indd or .idml)
  • EPS files
  • Word Documents (.doc, .docx) [Please note that Word does not allow you to save high resolution images or to use external bleed]
  • Publisher files (.pub)

Do I need to include bleed with my artwork?

The bleed requirements vary for individual products. To obtain the correct internal and external bleed requirements for the product you are ordering please refer to our guideline below.

Internal Bleed means all text & important graphics must be kept the minimum distance away from the trim edge to ensure these elements are not trimmed off.

External bleed is the area extending past the trim line which allows for a small amount of movement that may occur when your order is being cut to size. All elements which extend to the trim edge must also extend to the external bleed margin.

Most products require 3mm of internal and external bleed.

Crop Marks

What are Crop Marks?

Crop marks, also known as trim marks, are thin lines printed in the corners of a document to indicate where the paper should be trimmed after printing.

Printers require crop marks to guarantee your printing will be trimmed to the correct sizing.

Black & Rich Black

What type of black do you recommend I use in my artwork?

If your black is only applied on text & lines, we suggest to set your black to:

C: 0, M: 0, Y: 0, K: 100%

If you have solid black areas we suggest to set a RICH black to:

C: 60, M: 50, Y: 50, K: 100%  this will provide a strong deep black colour.

Image Resolution

How to ensure your image is correct resolution?

A common mistake when printing your files is your image resolution is set too low or too high. An image with low resolution will result to print as blurry or pixelated.

We recommend all images in your artwork to be set as 300dpi when placed at 100% size.

But just remember, a large file size does not mean the image has a high resolution. To check the resolution of an image, you will need to view its properties. Please view the properties after stretching or resizing the image to its final size as stretching or resizing an image may change its resolution.

Folding Information

Check out our info-graphic below to help you choose the right folded brochure for your job.

Special Effect - Spot UV / Scodix

First impressions are everything. Achieve greater vibrancy and depth of colour through our high quality special effects of Spot UV or Scodix

What is SPOT UV?

Spot UV (also known as Spot Gloss) is a clear gloss coating which is applied to a selected area of your design. Spot UV is often used as a design technique to draw attention to a particular element such as a logo or as a creative background to give the appearance of texture. Spot UV is a flat 2D finish so it is able to bleed off the edge of your design.

Speak to our friendly team to receive samples of our Spot UV finish.

What is SCODIX?

Scodix is a similar clear finish to Spot UV although Scodix is a higher gloss raised 3D effect.

As Scodix is a raised finish it is not possible to bleed the effect off the edge of your design. All Scodix elements must be placed at least 5mm inside the trim edge. We also recommend that due to the raised effect from scodix do not apply the special effect on any small text, thin lines and very detailed artwork areas as this will look blotchy and won’t apply nicely.

CMYK and PMS Spot Colours

At In Fine Print & Digital Solutions we use CMYK colour for the majority of our printing. We have Pantone colour books that we can use to help you choose an appropriate match for these products.

We also have a CMYK colour chart printed to ISO specifications that allows us to accurately choose colour on a range of paper types, and to minimise issues with colour management. If you would like to talk to us about colour management please call or email our friendly team.

In Fine Print & Digital Solutions can print PMS Colours if required.

NCR Docket Books

To setup artwork correctly for carbonless books & pads, we recommend all customers follow our guidelines below.

PERFORATION: All docket books require a PERF, so we recommend to keep your perf margin at 18mm away from the edge and 5-8mm aware from your artwork.

BLEED: If you docket book or pads require bleed, please allow 3mm of bleed all round your artwork

NUMBERING: If your docket books require numbering, please let our team know so we can record into our system. You do not need to place the numbering on your artwork, as our production team will do this when printing your job. We only ask to leave 15mm of space so we can apply your numbering in easily as there can be movement when placing the numbers on your docket book.

SPOT COLOURS: Please advise In Fine Print & Digital Solutions on any spot colour your books require. Please don’t convert your spot colour to cmyk!

TEXT & VECTORS: Please outline any fonts / vector used on the docket book so there is no loss on page when printed.

FILE TYPE: Please supply your file as a PDF with Bleed / Crop Marks

Borders and Margins

We recommend that all borders are at least 5mm in width and/or placed 5mm inside the trim edge. Borders can be made from strips of colour, solid elements, lines/strokes, text, and other design elements. Please refer to the examples shown below.

Narrow borders, or borders placed too close to the edge of your design may result to be trimmed off once your material is printed. Please note: Borders are not the same as BLEED.

Booklet - Saddle Stitch

Page creep will occur on booklet jobs. To help with finishing all page numbers and non-bleed image and text should be kept at least 10mm from the trims. We advise you allocate a 5mm bleed on all booklet jobs.

PP = printed pages. When we refer to PP, we are referring to the number of printed pages, not the number of sheets of paper.

E.G. A 8pp Saddle Stitch Booklet is 2 x A3 Sheets, double sided, fold in half and saddle stitched to an A4. So when you count your booklet, count front, inside pages and back and you will get your accurate printed pages.

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